[How much do you know about Taiping soda crackers]_How do Taiping _How to do

[How much do you know about Taiping soda crackers]_How do Taiping _How to do

Soda biscuits is a kind of food dialysis in the United States. It is a snack that is often liked by people in the daily life. It contains sodium and trace nutrients and has a certain ability to supplement human nutrition.

However, regular consumption of soda biscuits can raise blood pressure, easily become fat, and contain potential carcinogens. It is not suitable for breakfast because it is a form of dry food and lacks high-quality protein. Long-term consumption of breakfast is not good for your health.

People need to have a certain understanding of it before they can eat it in moderation, so breakfast must be based on staple foods to ensure the nutritional intake required by the body in order to grow healthy.

First, the food features Taiping soda crackers and buns have the following characteristics: 1.

Adding refined salt will increase the sodium content; 2.

2. Due to the addition of refined mixed oil, the trace content is increased;

By baking at high temperature, it can make C12, food harm 1, eat hypertension soda biscuits, increase sodium intake, increase hypertension, and increase edema.

The relationship between common salt (sodium chloride) and hypertension, renal edema, hepatic edema, and heart failure is becoming clearer. For these diseases, the absorption of common salt or sodium should be limited.), No salt (not more than 1000 mg of sodium daily) or low sodium (not more than 500 mg of sodium daily) diet.

Because soda biscuits contain high sodium, patients with hypertension, heart failure, and edema suffer from eating soda biscuits.

2. It is easy to get fat and eat pingping soda biscuits, adding pingping soda biscuits. Due to the addition of refined mixed oil, the unfortunate content is much higher than that of steamed bread and other foods.

Steamed buns with 100 grams of flour contain 1 gram of auntie, and 100 grams of pacific soda crackers contain 8 grams of auntie.

Absorbing 100 grams of pacific soda biscuits earlier to replace steamed buns with 100 grams of flour is equivalent to absorbing 7 grams more, which is equivalent to absorbing 63 kcal of heat energy.

It can be seen that if you are afraid of long weight, or want to lose weight, or want to lower blood fat, it is best not to eat pacific soda crackers at will.

Eating pacific soda biscuits will increase the substitution of brown polyamide ammonia and may increase the risk of cancer.

3. Modern research with potential carcinogens proves that when starchy foods are cooked at high temperatures, in addition to producing substances with unique flavors, an internationally recognized potential carcinogen-polyamide is also produced.

1000 grams of pacific soda crackers contain about 200 micrograms of titanium amide, far more than the content of steamed buns (the steamed bread contains almost no butanamide), but more than the content of french fries (811 micrograms).

Polyamides promote the formation of benign or malignant tumors and cause damage to central and peripheral nerves.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified amylamide as a possible carcinogen for humans.

It is correct and clear that polyamidoamide is a potential carcinogen in humans, but there is still no evidence that eating starchy foods cooked at high temperatures will increase the incidence of cancer in humans.

With these three points in mind, is it absolutely impossible to eat pacific soda crackers?

In fact, for healthy people (moderate size, disease-free) under the principle of a balanced diet (ensure that there are enough fresh vegetables and fruits, etc.), eating pacific soda biscuits 3 times a week, no more than 50 grams each time is allowed.

4. Not suitable for breakfast “No breakfast, not good for health” Many urban young people are already familiar with this, but because of the tight schedule, many office workers, soda crackers, bread, etc. are the main force of daily breakfast, take a bite at willJust go to work.

Nutrient experts say that crispy dry soda crackers, bread and other dry foods are not suitable for breakfast. Due to the consumption of several nights, various digestive juices have been secreted insufficiently. Such dry foods are mostly cereals and lack high-quality protein, which can only be supplied for a short time.energy of.

Third, there must be a staple food for breakfast. Experts say that breakfast is the meal that is not easily converted into an aunt during the day, so you must take it into the staple food.

The instant breakfast supply accounts for 30% of the day, and this is mainly provided by staple food.

Lack of vitamin staple foods may cause poor nutrition.

To eat some starchy foods, cereals can quickly break down into glucose after absorption, and correct hypoglycemia after sleep.

However, cereals are digested quickly, and a dry sensation will appear after 2-3 hours. Therefore, some protein and a small amount of food, such as eggs, pork floss, soy products, etc. should be taken in moderation.

Fourth, Taiping soda crackers are not suitable for breakfast. Crispy Taiping soda biscuits, bread and other dry foods are not suitable for breakfast. There are often experiences of dry mouth to prevent swallowing. That is due to the consumption of the overnight experience, various digestive juices have been secreted insufficiently.Dry food is mostly cereals, lacking high-quality protein, and can only provide energy for a short time.
Many office workers, because of the tight schedule, often eat breakfast on the go, which is not good for gastrointestinal health and is not conducive to digestion and absorption.

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