Acne remedies, collection!


Acne remedies, collection!

The most common disease in the anorectal department is acne.

The incidence of acne in diabetes has reached 60%, this is not a serious illness, usually does not hurt when it hurts.

The harm is also very large. In fact, treating anal bleeding is a trivial matter, which can lead to anemia, heart rate dysfunction, and threaten health.

There are a lot of foods, all of which are natural acne treatments.

We often eat some hemorrhoids and blood in the stool, it is all right.

sweet potato.

People who have hemorrhoids should not be too fine in general diet. Because our living conditions are getting better and better, the food we eat is processed through multiple procedures, the grains are getting less and less, and the food we eat is too fine.

The precipitated fiber impurities inside, the gastrointestinal motility fibers are reduced, the gastrointestinal motility is not reached, constipation is formed, and finally hemorrhoids are formed.

In the sweet potato, a large amount of fibrous material in the body can absorb a large amount of water inside to increase the feces, so that gastrointestinal motility has a very good complication for laxative, and is used for treating hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Houttuynia cordata can be said to be the opposite of hemorrhoids. He is a very good ingredient and a medicinal material. It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. Friends with hemorrhoids can soak some dried houttuynia when drinking water.Effectively treats acne.

Swelling and promoting blood circulation to prevent recurrent episodes of hemorrhoids.

Spinach spinach contains a lot of crude fiber, causing peristalsis to help secretion to help digestion, for people with some acne, constipation, anal fissure and other symptoms often use spinach to help the treatment of the disease.

Common drugs for acne have a horn.

We can use the horns to make tea, and it has the effect of clearing the bowel and clearing the heat and purging fire.

We can make a cup of horns every day.

Traditional Chinese medicine soup is 15g, 15g is silkworm, and 15 eggs are raw.

Put the whole scorpion and the silkworm on the clean old one and dry it. After the powder is also ground, drill a small hole for each of the 15 eggs, divide the powder into 15 pieces and add them to the eggs through the small holes. Stir well and

Cooking one day before going to bed, pay attention to eating on an empty stomach, 15 eggs for a course of treatment, after eating 15 can see a good effect, if you want to cure, you can take another course of treatment, you can heal.

4, Chinese medicine antibacterial, cure the standard method of the above method to adhere to the use of acne, but can only be used as an aid, and can not achieve rehabilitation.

With the improvement of medical standards, the method of selecting hormonal drugs to alleviate acne pain has gradually been eliminated.

Modern medicine promotes topical use of herbal antibacterial products based on Chinese herbal medicines, which is safer and more effective.

“Acne Research” has a topical herbal antibacterial cream – “Gangtai Junan”, which uses traditional Chinese medicine ancient method to concentrate on the drug, directly to the lesion, for various acne symptoms (internal, external, mixed)Very good recovery.

Simple, practical and safe.

Under normal circumstances, the use of “Gang Tai Junan”, about 7 days, the symptoms can be significantly relieved, even for 2 months is enough to make the acne disappear without recurrence.

Now it can be found on the scouring, convenient and fast, you can understand that after getting acne, there are two small ways to make acne no longer easily relapse.

First, you can’t sit for a long time, stand for a long time or carry heavy weight.

Long-term sitting can exacerbate the pressure on the anus and aggravate the pain of acne.

It is recommended that patients with hemorrhoids must have more activities to promote blood circulation. If the weight is carried forward, the blood pressure caused by systemic blood pressure will be too high, and hemorrhoids will also form.

Second, a light diet, we usually have to eat more blood-swelling vegetables, eat more apples, pears, celery, bananas and other fruits and vegetables that promote joint health, digestion and decomposition.

Bananas have so many effects, health experts teach you to eat correctly, help sleep down three high!

Bananas have so many effects, health experts teach you to eat correctly, help sleep down three high!

Bananas are a kind of fruit that we are familiar with.

Moreover, the price of the banana market has been extremely optimistic recently, and many families occasionally prepare a little.

There are many benefits to eating more bananas.

The trace element, potassium, contained in the body, can cause sodium to be excreted in the body, thereby lowering blood pressure.

So it is the best fruit to lower blood pressure.

At the same time, bananas contain a special protein component that can be used to supplement the body with sufficient energy.

Enhance immunity and prevent cancer.

There are so many benefits to eating bananas, you know?

1, Qiaozhi high blood pressure to take banana peel 30 grams – 60 grams, decoction to take, can cure high blood pressure.

2, cough banana stewed rock sugar, so that you can treat cough in the body.

3, prevention of constipation helps restore the function of the body, without the treatment of drugs can naturally relieve and prevent constipation.

4, weight loss often eats the effect of weight loss, and bananas contain magnesium, which can eliminate fatigue.

5, improve depression: tryptophan in bananas can be converted into serotonin in the human body, serotonin helps to relax the body, improve mood, relieve depression.

6, improve sleep, add water and cinnamon together for about half an hour, stir more, have great potential for insomnia.

Banana mix: banana + sesame: replenish the mind, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves.

Banana + Oatmeal: Improve serotonin content, improve sleep banana + plum: Although beauty bananas are good, not everyone is suitable: 1, banana cold, spleen and stomach cold, stomach diarrhea patients should eat less.

2, bananas contain high sugar, a banana contains about 120 calories (similar to half a bowl of rice), people with diabetes should not eat more.

3, edema patients are not suitable for eating bananas, bananas are rich in potassium, if it is nephritis, edema, heart failure patients eat bananas, it will cause blood potassium levels increase and increase edema, increase heart, high blood pressureThe burden worsens the condition.

4, eating bananas on an empty stomach will speed up the gastrointestinal movement, speed up blood circulation and increase the burden on the heart.

6 tips before sleep to help you glow in the morning

6 tips before sleep to help you glow in the morning

Guide: The skin cells are extremely active when they are asleep. The metabolism of the skin surface allows the skin to absorb more nutrients, remove excess material from the epidermis, and ensure the regeneration of skin cells.

Therefore, good sleep will make you look good, your skin will be firm and your eyes will be clear.

If you can do the following 6 strokes before going to bed, the morning will be radiant.


When you are having dinner, don’t eat too much. This will cause blood to concentrate on your stomach during sleep, which will reduce the amount of blood on your face and affect your skin tone.

Try to avoid or add a small amount of salt, it is best not to drink alcohol, this can avoid the appearance of edema around the face and eyes in the morning.


Be sure to remember to remove the skin before going to bed, which is good for nighttime skin breathing and excretion of waste and sweat; if the cleaning method is not correct, it is easy to cause redness and swelling of the eyes.

Therefore, you should use a cotton ball to take eye cleansing solution, put it on the eyelids and eyelashes for 10-20 minutes, then wipe gently with cotton.


You can soak the tea bag with wet water before going to bed, then press it on the eyelids for 10 minutes, then apply eye cream, which is good for the maintenance of the eye skin and prevent the production of crow’s feet.


Apply vitamin E oil to the roots of the nails, massage gently, then massage your hands with hand cream.

Vitamin E has an anti-aging effect, and hand cream moisturizes the hands.


Whole body cleaning and care.

Before going to bed, you can take a hot bath, which helps to relieve the tired body.

After bathing, gently massage your body with an emollient or body lotion.

Then put on a bathrobe or a night gown after 10 minutes of warming.

At this time, the skin will completely absorb the temperature on the clothes, making the skin more smooth and elastic.


Milk has the magical effect of hypnosis.

Therefore, those who are prone to insomnia do not hinder drinking a cup of fresh milk before going to bed, which will relax your nerves and make you sleep easily.

Foot massage can be the top five benefits of anti-cancer detox foot massage

Foot massage can be the top five benefits of anti-cancer detox foot massage

Foot massage can be used to prevent cancer and detoxification of the five major benefits of foot massage 1, foot massage cervical spondylosis cervical spondylosis, also known as cervical vertebra syndrome, is a degenerative pathological changes of the bone.

Medical experts have found that by massage the cervical vertebrae in the reflex zone of the foot, it can produce exciting effects.

The speed is initially lighter and progressively enhanced, with a slight pain.

The massage time can be carried out by yourself. It is best to have it once in the morning and evening, every time 10?
30 minutes, after two weeks of adherence to the general cervical spondylosis patients can have unexpected effects.

2, foot massage can cure insomnia every night when sleeping, cross-legged meditation, soles up, and then calmly remove the distracting thoughts, with the hands of the thumb when the weight of the two feet at the end of the “springs” sometimes under (“springThe hole is located in the depression at the front of the foot.

After a rapid sleep improvement, let you sleep until the big day, the foot massage can relieve the pressure. Modern people’s spirit is often in a state of tension and hyperactivity, so that the inhibition of dysfunction, neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness came into being.

If you can calmly do a foot massage before going to sleep, pay attention to the excitement falling on the soles of the feet, and the cerebral cortex is suppressed. The modified foot massage stimulates the excitement and inhibition of natural transformation, and the circulation is normal and balanced.

Finally, the night sleeps incense, the spirits are strong during the day, the life is regular, and the visceral disorders are also improved.

Appetite is greatly increased, spirit is abundant, work efficiency is improved, and it seems that there are all kinds of diseases that dissipate and rejuvenate.

3, foot massage can prevent cancer and detoxification scientifically prove that saliva has anti-cancer effect.

While massaging the soles of the feet, the saliva will continue to flow out, and the patient will swallow slowly with a small mouth and a small mouth, which has a great impact on the body.

In addition, after the foot massage is finished, drink a cup of cold water to detoxify.

According to the medical treatment: pedicure promotes blood circulation. After drinking water, it not only replenishes water, but also enhances the excretion of waste toxins. The kidney function is improved, the metabolism is normal, and people can be brisk and normal.

4, foot massage therapy pregnant women vomiting some pregnant women are persistent vomiting, and even can not eat, body weakness, obvious weight loss, less urine, dry skin mucosa, eye squeeze, etc., must be treated in time to avoid affecting maternal and fetal development.

Foot massage therapy is very fast.

5, foot massage can be a beauty foot massage can replace the toxins in your body, let your face re-emergence of the brilliance.

As long as you master the knowledge of a foot massage, stick to it for a few weeks, you will be surprised to find that your face is white and smooth.

For women with acne, the foot massage can also eliminate acne.

One avocado every day reduces heart disease risk

One avocado every day reduces heart disease risk

The study found that eating avocado (also known as avocado or avocado) every day can help obese people lower their cholesterol.

Although the trace content of avocado is quite high, it is composed of unit unsaturated rare earth, which is called “good”.

This mild reduction in necrotic cholesterol can slow, reduce or even avoid the risk of high blood pressure or stroke.

  Federal State University research says that 34% of plasma in the “American diet” comes from aunts, 16% protein, and half of the metabolism comes from it, causing many people to become obese or overweight.

The research team found 45 obese people between the ages of 21 and 70 who were victims of the “American diet” and each participant had three different diets for five weeks.

They are a moderate diet without avocado (set 1), a moderate diet without avocado (package 2), and a moderate diet with avocado (package 3).

  The results showed that participants in the package 1 and package 2 diets decreased by 8 per 100 ml of LDL.

3 ml with 7.

4 ml; while the diet of the three diets, the low-density lipoprotein decreased by 13 per 100 ml.

5 ml.

In addition, the researchers also found that Plan III helps to reduce the overall cholesterol, triglyceride-induced problems that cause cardiovascular disease, and can increase high-density protein cholesterol in “good” hypertension.

  Although the results confirm that avocados help reduce bad debts, differences between laboratories and real life may lead to different outcomes.

However, it is still recommended to eat more vegetable oil, reduce the consumption of butter, lard, whole-fat cheese products, snacks, which will help replace the necrotic saturated fat in the blood into healthy fat.

  The nutritional value of avocado: The nutritional value of avocado is extremely high, and various health care and beauty effects are favored by consumers.

Avocado is rich in multivitamins (A, C, E and B series of vitamins, etc.), a variety of mineral elements (potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, etc.), edible plant fiberIt is rich in eucalyptus with up to 80% unsaturated fatty acids. It is a high-energy, low-sugar fruit with important physiological functions such as lowering cholesterol and blood lipids and protecting the cardiovascular and liver systems.

  Avocado is used in western food and Japanese cuisine. It can be used as cold cuts, salads or some Western-style hot dishes.

How to add nutrients to the hair to supplement the hair

How to add nutrients to the hair to supplement the hair

Promoting blood circulation Although we eat a lot of nutritious foods, this does not mean that hair can be absorbed, because the absorption of nutrients by the hair is achieved through blood circulation, so when the blood circulation of the scalp is not smooth, although there is no problem with the diet., hair will still lack nutrients, so we must strengthen the blood circulation of the scalp, sometimes often massage the scalp, often comb the hair, participate in sports and other ways to promote blood circulation, you can also directly stimulate the scalp, such as ginger scalp, acupunctureLaw and so on, promote blood circulation in the scalp part.

Nutritional supplements for body care products In addition to the inherent conditioning, it is also a good idea to provide hair nutrition directly from the outside.

Many toiletries contain nutrients from Chinese herbal medicines, which can help the hair to absorb nutrients. There are also some professional hair growth centers that provide corresponding nutritional essences according to different hair conditions, often containing ginseng, Polygonum, Angelica, olives.Oil and other ingredients help the hair gain natural nutrients.

The nutrients in the dietary supplement hair come from the blood, and the nutrients contained in the blood are derived from the decomposition of the food we absorb.

Therefore, supplementing nutrition from the diet is the key to making your hair nutritious.

The normal growth of hair requires a variety of nutrients such as protein, vitamins, trace elements, etc. We should also pay attention to supplement these substances in the diet, eat more meat containing high protein, milk, eat more vitamins, vegetables and fruits with high trace elements.It is beneficial to the nutrition of the hair.