[7 Questions Related to Sex Blessings for Couples]

[7 Questions Related to “Sex Blessings” for Couples]

People often have one or another of these reasons in their sexual life, because these reasons often involve health, understand these problems, and don’t let the health problems be ambiguous in order to have a healthy sex life!

First, why does sexual desire decrease after taking the pill?

Clinically, many women have lost interest in sex after taking oral or steroidal contraceptives.

According to analysis, some people may experience short-term tenderness, galactorrhea, vaginitis, headache and other physiological changes after taking contraceptives, which can indirectly affect sexual desire; changes in hormone levels and insufficiency caused by foreign hormones will also directly affect sexual desire and sexual response.
Observation found that the loss of sexual desire caused by contraceptive pills mostly occurs about one and a half to three or four years after taking the medicine. Generally, 90% of women will return to normal sexual desire shortly after stopping the medicine.

Oral contraceptives have the greatest impact on sexual function among multiple contraceptive methods.

Although contraceptive methods such as penile sleeves, cervical caps, and external medicines also affect sexual desire and sexual sensation to varying degrees, mastering good use is still a safe and reliable method of contraception.


[Benefits of a cup of bitter gourd juice every day]

[Benefits of a cup of bitter gourd juice every day]

Bitter gourd juice, as the name suggests, is a kind of juice squeezed from bitter gourd, which is a beverage that promotes human health and has a particularly great promotion effect, especially in the hot summer and bitter gourd juice, which is more beneficial to the human body.

In summary, bitter gourd juice has a variety of effects such as cancer, clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting diet, lowering blood sugar, losing weight, and beauty.

Below, I will introduce the benefits, methods and taboos of bitter gourd juice in detail for everyone.

First, the efficacy and role of bitter gourd juice 1, anti-cancer and anti-cancer: bitter melon contains protein components and a large amount of vitamin C can improve the body’s immune function, bitter melon juice contains a certain protein component can enhance macrophage ability, can prevent the growth of malignant tumors.

2, clearing heat and detoxifying: bitter gourd can relieve the anxiety in the heart, eliminate toxins from the body, and squeeze the juice can well retain the vitamins contained in bitter gourd, thereby helping to clear the heat and detoxify.

3. Promote diet: Bitter melon mixed with bitterin in bitter gourd can increase appetite, strengthen the spleen and appetite.

At the same time, the alkaloid quinine contained in bitter gourd has the effects of diuretic and blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, and clear heart and eyesight.

3. Lower blood sugar: The fresh fruit juice of bitter gourd contains bitter gourd vitamin and vitamin-like substances, which has a good effect of lowering blood sugar, and is often used as an ideal food for diabetics.

4, weight loss effect: bitter gourd juice has the highest vitamin C content, and the content of sugar and traces is very low. The bitter melon contained in it is known as a “micro killer”, which can reduce a small amount of trace and glucose.

5, beauty and beauty: bitter gourd juice has a cosmetic effect, can moisturize the skin, can promote wound healing and skin regeneration, and at the same time can increase the vitality of the skin cortex.

Second, how to make the simplest bitter gourd juice?

1, Wash a bitter gourd, prepare the right amount of water, the right amount of honey.

2, bitter gourd cut into small dices, put in the cooking machine, add an appropriate amount of water.

3. Remove the white foam from the top after making it into juice.

4. Pour into a cup, add a spoonful of honey, stir well, and refrigerate slightly.

Third, who can’t drink bitter gourd juice?

1. Patients with hypoglycemia: bitter gourd has the effect of lowering blood sugar and clearing fire. For people who have a greasy diet, people with high blood sugar are more suitable foods, but if people with low blood pressure or blood sugar can not eat bitter melon,Normal people eat too much bitter gourd.

2, those with cold spleen and stomach: bitter gourd is cold, cold stools, urination is clear, long appetite is afraid of cold, pale complexion, pale tongue and pulse sinking are mostly physically weak yang deficiency or spleen and stomach cold, oftenEating bitter melon is prone to stomach upset, abdominal distension, abdominal pain and even vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.

3. Calcium supplementation: The oxalic acid in bitter gourd will hinder the absorption of calcium in food. Therefore, before eating, bitter melon should be placed in boiling water to remove oxalic acid. People who need to add a lot of calcium cannot eat too much bitter melon.

4, preschool children: preschool children should not eat bitter gourd, because children are pure yang body, the stomach often has excess, the spleen is often insufficient, coupled with the poor self-control ability of children, so eating bitter gourd is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach.

5, pregnant women and mothers: pregnant women should be careful to eat bitter gourd, bitter gourd contains quinine, quinine will stimulate uterine contraction and cause miscarriage.

At the same time, eating more bitter gourds is likely to hurt the spleen and stomach, and weak postpartum women must control the amount of bitter gourds they eat.

[Can fried chicken wings rice be fried]_Frying method_How to fry

[Can fried chicken wings rice be fried]_Frying method_How to fry

People’s pace of life is getting faster and faster, and even people who eat will choose fast food, which can be eaten quickly.

There are many types of time, and in order to be healthy and delicious, the merchants also make a lot of novel foods.

Chicken Wing Rice is a popular food. Basically, Chicken Wing Rice is grilled. Can Chicken Wing Rice be fried?

Chicken wings wrapped rice can be fried. There are currently two methods of chicken wings wrapped rice, one is grilled, the other is fried, first: the method of roasting, first become glutinous rice and soak for 20 minutes, and then cooking.The glutinous rice cooked in this way is very delicious and very sticky.

Then shave the chicken wings and marinate for fifteen minutes, so that the flavor can be added and the taste will be better.

Then put the chopped side dishes and accessories in the pan and stir-fry. Put some oil, oyster sauce, and soy sauce. If you like spicy food, put some pepper.

Stir-fried glutinous rice, stir-fried rice, put fried rice in chicken wings, put marinated chicken wings in the oven, and bake for at least ten minutes.All right.

Second: It is a deep-frying practice. First of all, you must prepare the chicken wings and use the knife to remove bones.

At the same time, you can also choose the whole chicken wings to make a circle with a knife inserted into the bones of the chicken wings, shave the bones, and set aside.

Then when making fried rice, you can put some diced onion, minced garlic, shallots, and an egg in a pan and stir-fry, stir-fry. Put the rice in and stir-fry together.

At this time, put the cooked fried rice in the chicken wing that has just been to the bone. It should be noted that it is not filled too much, otherwise it will overflow during subsequent heating.

Put the chicken wings filled with fried rice in the pan and fry until the skin is browned, then pour the prepared sauce, 2 tablespoons of seafood soy sauce, cooking wine, honey, water, instead of white pepper,Slowly simmer for about ten minutes until the sauce is dry, so a delicious chicken wings wrapped rice is ready.

[Gastroenteritis millet porridge]_ effects _ benefits

[Gastroenteritis millet porridge]_ effects _ benefits

Many people like to use millet porridge to regulate stomach health, but what they don’t know is that millet porridge can cause certain harm to patients, especially if gastroenteritis patients often eat millet porridge, it will aggravate the disease, so pay attention to your own diet.

Gastroenteritis patients are usually accompanied by symptoms of diarrhea. Once they occur, they need to seek medical treatment in time to avoid missing the best treatment time.

First, whether or not patients with gastroenteritis can eat millet porridge gastroenteritis is a common digestive tract disease. Under the guidance of a doctor, drugs can be taken. In addition, the diet is beneficial to the stomach.

So, can acute gastroenteritis drink millet porridge?

Due to changes in the gastrointestinal tract, especially the pathophysiology, initialization is very sensitive to food at this time, so special attention should be paid to moderate diet. It is advisable to eat light, soft and warm foods on the diet to avoid eating fatty meat prematurely.Fried, cold and hard foods and multi-fiber foods. People’s menus should focus on semi-liquid foods that are low in fat and slag, and still eat small meals. Eat 5-7 meals a day. At the beginning, each meal is not suitable for eating.Too much, preferably not more than 300 ml, and gradually increase the amount later.

Second, opinions and suggestions eat foods such as skimmed milk, steamed custard, millet porridge, lotus seed porridge, steamed bread, long whisk noodles, etc. In addition, some tofu, carrots, potatoes, winter melon, zucchini, cauliflower can also be eaten.

Mild diarrhea caused by acute acute inflammation is generally in good condition. The stool is less than 10 times a day, yellow or yellow-green, a small amount of mucus or white soap, and the stool is not much. Sometimes the stool is “egg soup-like”.

Acute asthma can also cause severe diarrhea, with stools several to dozens of times a day.

A lot of watery stools, a small amount of mucus, nausea and vomiting, low appetite, and sometimes vomiting coffee-like substances.

If hypokalemia occurs, there may be abdominal distension and symptoms of systemic poisoning; such as irregular low or high fever, irritable boots, lack of energy, unconsciousness, and even coma.

Through the above we understand whether acute gastroenteritis can drink millet porridge.

Whether a stomach patient can use porridge to nourish the stomach should consult a doctor according to the condition.

For people with excessive gastric acid secretion, they should eat steamed buns, buns, noodles and other pasta. Pasta is alkaline, which can balance the acid and alkali in the stomach and reduce the incidence of gastric disease.

[How to make melon enzymes]_ melon making _ how to make

[How to make melon enzymes]_ melon making _ how to make

The practice of winter melon enzyme is actually not known by many people, but it is not as repeated as everyone thinks. It is actually the same as the fruit enzyme method often made, but you must choose fresh ingredients to come out.The taste of the winter melon enzyme will be even better. If you supplement it properly every day, you can achieve a slimming effect and avoid trace accumulation.

In the past, enzymes oxidized enzymes. Merchants described fruit enzymes as enzymes in fruits, and the resulting fruit enzymes can play a role in the human body.

This is a kind of pseudoscience.

Even if the fruit enzyme is really an enzyme in fruit, it cannot function in the human body.

In fact, oral enzymes have been broken down into small molecules in the digestive tract and cannot play a role; and plant enzymes may not catalyze the human body’s reactions; more importantly, the human body has a complete mechanism to control enzyme production and decomposition, and use thisWays to control all life activities, supplementary enzymes absorb excess and blind.

Enzyme supplements seen on the market can probably be mixed with two types of “single enzyme” and “complex enzyme”. A single enzyme is directly extracted and produced with only one ingredient, such as pineapple and papaya enzymes.

Complex enzymes are basically made by mixing more than two, usually subdividing the main body and the secondary body.

The general practice of fruit enzyme (edible) is as follows: ① Prepare honey, fruits and water according to the ratio of 1: 3: 10.

(It has nothing to do with the volume of the container. For example, for 1 kg of honey, put 3 kg of fruit and 10 kg of water.) Cut the fruit into small pieces.

② Put the three into the container. The fruits do not need to be peeled and washed. The total volume of the three should not exceed 80% of the container volume.

③ Seal the container well and keep it in a cool place.

Then, if you see expansion gas in the container, open the bleed and let the gas circulate.

Leave it for at least 6 months, of course, the longer the better, at least 6 months.

④ When pouring, filter the debris with a strainer, and the remaining enzyme can be drunk.

Enzymes cannot be replenished orally.

Because it is broken down into small molecules in the digestive tract.

Plant enzymes generally cannot catalyze the physiological activities of the human body.

The body does not need to supplement enzymes.

Because the human body itself has a complete mechanism to control enzyme production and decomposition, and in this way control all life activities.

Enzyme supplementation is tantamount to artificially disrupting life activities, and may not be beneficial.

Press one to lose weight acupuncture points — thin

Press one to lose weight acupuncture points — thin

The Spring Festival is here, the feast of food, and the nightmare of the body, how to lose weight easily?

Let Xiaobian tell you!

Lose weight acupuncture points, where to thin where to thin!

In the end, can you get thinner by pressing that point?

How to massage slimming is acceleration?

  Effective weight loss acupoint massage abdomen, waist, hip and thigh have acupuncture points that can be thinned, how to carry out is the most convenient and effective. From morning to night is the most convenient massage opportunity, so use small space, free timePress a few more times.
Abdominal massage slimming method Every day before going to bed or just wake up in the morning to do it once, can lose weight 2 in a month?
3 kg 喔 Step1.

揉 Press Step 2 around the navel.

Press 50 Step3 on each of the three fingers around the navel.

In the lower four fingers of the navel, press 50 to improve the lower body cycle. “When you lose weight, just eat it?”

“of course not!

What you don’t lose is your health and moisture. Slimming is only temporary. If you don’t pay attention and get fat again, what you really need for edematous obesity or general obesity is to use exercise to burn adult Step1.

Open your feet and shoulder width, wrap your hands around the back, hook your little fingers together, and the other four fingers will open to the left and right.

  Step 2.

Focus on the navel, from the abdomen, top to the proper order, slowly relax, the body naturally lean forward, let the hands wrapped around the back up.

  Keep this position, put your chin forward, chest, inhale, and stand still for 3 seconds, then slowly spit out the gas and relax your body.

  the fourth step.

Focus on your feet, bend your body, and place your hands naturally. Try to put your hands on the ground.

Vegetables are placed for one hour.

Vegetables are placed for one hour.

Chinese cooking takes taste as the core, and for the purpose of raising, the method of cooking and processing is scientific and reasonable, which will directly affect the nutrition and human health of food.


hzh {display: none; }  放盐缓急有讲究  由于渗透压的作用,早放盐会使蔬菜中的维生素和矿物质过多丢失。In addition, the promotion of fresh-tasting is mainly to reduce the oxidative loss of nutrients in the raw materials, especially vegetables.

If the vegetables are cooked, put it for 1 hour, vitamin C will lose about 10%, and it will lose about 14% after 2 hours.

  The fire is easy to hurt and the fire is too strong. It will destroy the nutritional composition of food. Vitamin A, vitamin E and so on will be lost in high temperature environment, and the food inside the outer coke is very unfavorable to the body.

The fire began to quickly replenish the oxidative decomposition of edible oil, which produced aldehydes, ketones, hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds and other harmful substances, irritating the nasal cavity and respiratory system, and reducing the body’s immune function.

  What is even more frightening is that there are also genotoxic substances in the oil smoke that can cause genetic mutations, DNA damage, and chromosome damage, which pose a potential cancer risk to the human body.

In addition, it is easy to produce low-acid stomach or stomach ulcers by eating fried vegetables that are too hot.

What is the cause of acne in different parts of the body?

What is the cause of acne in different parts of the body?

Nothing is not going to the Three Treasure Hall. Suddenly, the acne is really annoying. I don’t know if you have this kind of experience. When you have nothing to do, you can have a good skin. You have to see the subject to attend the banquet.

Suddenly popping out acne to acne double love long coat, even the body does not let go of the big backless small sling, do not dare to wear to see the different parts of the acne is the reason for different parts of the acne neck and chinThe hormones in your body around the acne may be overloaded.

Or often wear a high collar shirt, high collar clothes.

The front end of the acne area is a long acne, indicating that you have recently had a relatively high pressure and need to be released, and the skin is sensitive and fragile in the near future. Pay attention to maintenance.

If the chest acne is not caused by airtight clothes, it is mainly caused by bad eating habits, such as eating too much spicy food or drinking cold drinks often causing problems in digestion.

The upper arm acne is most likely due to folliculitis caused by poor blood circulation.

Try using a skin care product containing salicylic acid on the skin to make the acne natural pineapple. If the problem persists, it may be that the vitamin level in the body is disordered. You should add vitamins properly.

Private parts of the pox must pay attention to personal hygiene habits, bathing and changing underwear, and usually choose some good when buying underwear.

The front end and the waist end of the pox are very common, and many people may be troubled.

Usually sweating a lot, not taking a shower after exercise, clothes are not breathable, etc. will cause back-end acne problems to varying degrees.

If you have to pay attention to these things, then you should pay attention to avoid eating too much fried and high-transformed food.

Love acne, 4 types of food should be taboo 1, spicy people who love acne, food should be light, vegetarian, eat less or not eat spicy and thick taste, eat raw onions, raw garlic, pepper and other irritating food, andSpicy sprinkles, strong tea and coffee.

Spicy food can stimulate the secretion of androgen secretion. Excessive androgen can stimulate the sebum secretion of sebaceous glands, and the increase of sebum secretion is the main factor for the occurrence or aggravation of acne.

2, greasy food cream, fat pork and other complications of food and fried foods.

Because greasy foods can increase the sebum secretion of sebaceous glands, making the oily skin become more oily.

3, high sugar sugar foods should not eat too much, such as chocolate and all kinds of candy, because too much sugar can be converted into sputum in the body, sputum can increase the secretion of sebum.

4, hair and eat less sea bream hair, like fish, shrimp, lamb, shellfish.

It is also not advisable to eat more warm foods such as leeks, cattle, sheep, dog meat, etc.

Love acne, add more than 3 kinds of nutrition For those who love acne, “war acne” is a long-term and arduous work, does not hinder eating more than 3 kinds of can protect the skin, help anti-inflammatory food, help you “warPox is a powerful force.

1, vitamin A vitamin A can promote the proliferation of epithelial cells, can regulate the skin sweat glands, eliminate acne, egg yolk, whole milk and so on are vitamin A food.

In addition, carrots, papaya, spinach and other fruits and vegetables can also be converted into vitamin A in the human body.

2, vitamin B2 green vegetables, milk and other alternative vitamin B2 food should also eat.

Because vitamin B2 can maintain the balance of the body’s hormones, it has a protective effect on the skin.

3, vitamin B6 metabolism, vitamin B6 has anti-dermatitis effect, it is also suitable for women who love long acne, beans, bananas, wheat germ, etc., are vitamin B6 food.

Recommended diet prescription snow ear papaya sugar water material: papaya one, snow ear, north and south apricot, rock sugar amount.

  Practice: snow fungus to open, papaya peeled to simmer, cut into the north and south apricots and water into the simmer, simmer until the soup becomes sticky, add rock sugar to taste.

  Efficacy: whitening, moisturizing, beauty, stomach.

It can be eaten two to three times a week.

Tomato fried scallions: 300 grams of fresh oysters, 100 grams of tomato juice.

  Method: 1, first slice the clams, stir-fry with vegetable oil; 2, then add seasoning, add tomato juice when cooked.

  Efficacy: Qingre Runfeishengjin.

Sea bream two dishes: 200 grams of sea bream, 15 grams of seaweed, 50 grams of celery.

  Method: 1, sea bream washed and shredded, seaweed shredded.

  2, celery shredded with boiled water, and then extended with cold water; 3, remove the dried, mix well, seasoning with seasoning.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and cooling blood, dissipating phlegm.

Winter melon lotus leaf soup material: a ring of winter melon, half a lotus leaf, three money of Ophiopogon japonica, glutinous rice, lean meat.

  Practice: Cut the melon, and cut the flesh of the lean meat.
Put in the simmer, add the lotus leaf, Ophiopogon japonicus, glutinous rice and water, boil and simmer for two hours.
  Efficacy: Suitable for spring and summer, twice a week.

Drinking can whiten, eliminate fat, and remove excess water from the body.

The main function of Renhai algae porridge is anti-inflammatory softening, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. The practice is also simple: take 30g of coix seed, kelp, seaweed and sweet almond each 9g.

Add kelp, seaweed, sweet almonds and some cold water to boil. After cooking, go to the slag to take juice and eat with porridge.

Celery Sydney juice takes the amount of celery, 1 tomato, 1 Sydney, and half a lemon.

After washing, add it to the juice machine and stir it into juice, once a day.

  Therapeutic effect: The celery is rich in fiber, which can filter the waste in the human body, stimulate the body to detoxify, and effectively deal with the surface damage caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body; the tomato is cool, sweet and sour, can be used for clearing heat and fluid, and contains nicotinic acid.Protect the skin; Sydney can nourish yin and clear heat, reduce fire and produce fluid; lemon contains niacin and rich organic acid, can sterilize and eliminate pigmentation. The above four flavors are mixed with juice, and the effect of wound healing caused by lung heat and spleen and stomach dampness is obvious.
Like all diets, the effect of celery Sydney juice is internal adjustment. It is impossible to be effective in the short term.

However, gastric ulcer, excessive gastric acid secretion, menstruation women should not take too much.

At the same time, diet should also avoid the use of oily skin care products, eat less greasy food, and help the healing of hemorrhoids.

Is it best to sweat after exercise?

These sports misunderstandings, let you health and change your body

Is it best to sweat after exercise?
These sports misunderstandings, let you health and change your body

The saying that life is in motion should be changed to life. It is the right movement. Through exercise, it can effectively eliminate fat, let us have a healthy body and a charming figure, but in the alternative of correct exercise, once entering the misunderstanding of exercise, oftenIt can have counterproductive effects and even hurt your body.

Do you understand the seven misunderstandings of sports?


The higher the strength, the better?

People who enter the sports circle incorrectly think that the exercise intensity is reduced, and the fitness effect can be achieved in a short time. However, this will cause overload exercise, and even can not properly consume a small amount, but will promote the accumulation of lactic acid and cause muscle soreness and other discomfort.Exercise should be done with utmost effort and gradual progress. It should allow the body to gradually adapt to exercise and then increase the amount of exercise.


The more you sweat, the better?

Mistakes Many people associate sweating with exercise effects, but this is the wrong idea. We divide the human sweat glands into conservative and active types, so that the physical fitness is different and the wicking ability is also different. In addition, there isA large amount of metabolic waste, as well as proteins, amino acids, vitamins and other useful substances in the blood, so excessive perspiration and not timely replenishment of water will lead to a decline in blood volume and cause dehydration problems, proper sweating, but excessive sweatingnot good.


Have time to exercise?

Mistakes Many people do not have the habit of long-term exercise, but always expect that an occasional exercise can achieve satisfactory results, especially modern people have fewer movements on Tuesday, and occasionally have time to think of exercise, but occasionally exercise.It will produce more substances such as leather alcohol hormones, which will stimulate the organs and cause discomfort. The exercise needs to be involved in the long-term.


As long as it is a sports shoe?

Mistakes Many people don’t pay attention to sports equipment. Whether it is running, climbing or kicking, they are all the same pair of sports shoes, but different sports should choose different sports shoes, instead of shoes will increase the chance of injury, should be from the type of sports, the wayConsidering many aspects, good shoes are the default for correct exercise.


Rest immediately after exercise?

Wrong movement speeds up the metabolic rate and speeds up heart rate and vital capacity. These reactions do not stop after the movement stops, and immediately rest after exercise, so that the blood can not flow back from the muscles to the heart in time, often leading to atrophy of the heart. In severe cases, the blood pressure can be stopped.There is a danger of fainting, so take a slow walk or a deep breath after exercise, and rest after the breath is stable.


Drinking water immediately after exercise?

Loss of sweat after wrong exercise can cause discomfort in dry mouth and thirst, so many people will drink water or cold drinks immediately, but pay attention to cold drinks will stimulate the heart and bleeding, causing abnormal contraction of organs, causing diarrhea and other symptoms of urethral discomfort.
After exercise, you should recognize warm water a small number of times so that the body can absorb it.


Take a shower immediately after exercise?

After the wrong exercise, the pores of the body are wide open, and then immediately flushing the cold water will irritate the skin and cause a cold problem, while hot water rinse stimulates the heart and causes fainting problems.

After exercise, you should take a full rest, wait for the sweat to evaporate and then wash it with warm water of about 40 degrees.

Health in autumn and winter, clearly understand these six misunderstandings, longevity will also care for you

Health in autumn and winter, clearly understand these six misunderstandings, longevity will also care for you

With people’s awareness of health care, many people are now very aware of their health. In autumn and winter, they are the best time to supplement. As long as they are doing well, they can safely spend the autumn and winter seasons, but there will be health in autumn and winter.A big mistake.

What are the misunderstandings in the autumn and winter seasons?

1, the mask anti-cold in the nasal mucosa will be rich in a large number of spongy vascular network, the blood circulation is very strong, when a lot of cold air is inhaled into the lungs through the nasal cavity, has begun to approach the body temperature, only a large number of exercisesThe ability to withstand cold can enhance the protective effect of the nasal mucosa.

If you rely on the mask for a long time, it will make the nasal mucosa more delicate and easy to catch a cold.

2, wash the face with hot water in the autumn and winter seasons, the weather is cold, the face is stimulated by cold air, the capillaries and sweat glands are in a contracted state, when using hot water to wash the face will quickly expand, disperse and then release the face to a low temperatureIf the capillaries are stretched too much, it will cause wrinkles on the face.

3, close the doors and windows to the autumn and winter season, many people will close the door and window of the room, this will lead to an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide inside, coupled with the decomposition of sweat in the body, some gas discharged from the digestive tract, soIt will make the air in the living environment more polluted, easily cause nausea, fatigue, and even loss of appetite, so keep the air circulation and freshness in autumn and winter.

4, drinking alcohol to protect the cold, some people will resist the cold by drinking, and become full body fever when drinking, mainly because alcohol can promote the body to emit heat, when the wine is over, a lot of heat will be fromThe body exudes, causing the body to be cold.

5, casual diet Many people do not pay attention to the diet, buy snacks directly after getting up in the morning, which causes damage to the stomach.

The autumn diet must ensure body temperature, so that you can regulate body cold, you can eat more vitamins, protein and easily digestible foods, such as longan walnuts, leeks and so on.

6, improper warmth When the weather is cold, it is easy to damage yang, in the autumn and winter seasons, health should be the principle of protecting the sun, so that you can get up early and stay up late, at least to ensure a longer hours of sleep in winter, so as to prevent yang interferenceIn addition, it is also necessary to avoid cold in front and cause disease.

Warm reminder that autumn and winter is a good time to make up for it. Avoid entering the above misunderstandings. Pay attention to the warmth of the body. In the autumn and winter, the weather will be dry and it will suffer from itching. Do not go directly to the brain, drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables andFruit, eat less hot and sour food.