[Do you really have artificial eggs?]_ Features_Features

[Do you really have artificial eggs?]_ Features_Features

Recently there was news on TV. Many eggs were made by hand. In fact, the eggs made by man and the eggs we usually eat look very similar in appearance, and the nutritional value of such eggs is very low, If you eat such eggs often, the body may be sick because of the carcinogens in it, which is very harmful to the body. Is there really an artificial egg?

How to distinguish between real and fake eggs1 is firstly the price.

The price of real eggs and native eggs will definitely be higher.

, Judging by observing the appearance of eggs.

The eggshells of real eggs are darker, because the eggshell has a layer of frost-like powder on it, but it is not obvious.

The egg shell of a fake egg contains a small amount of gypsum, so it will be brighter than a real egg.

3. When you touch the eggs manually, the surface of the eggs will have a detailed expectation and texture.

The rough surface of the egg is messy, the surface is smooth to the touch, and it is very thin, and it feels broken when pinched.

And eggs or broken eggs, when they shake, there will be a clear sound of liquid flowing.

4. Real eggs have a fishy smell, while fake eggs do not.

There may be slight chemicals in fake eggs.

The taste of real and fake eggs is very different.

Fake eggs may have a gum texture, while real egg yolks will become powdery. Fake eggs are as elastic as rubber.

Health is a dynamic balance.

This is a state of balance: the input and output of energy and matter are evenly distributed (even allowing growth).

Health also means expectations of continued survival.

For animals with emotions, such as humans, he is the spirit of all things. He was born to pursue two better ways of life: spiritual and material, so he has a broader concept of health awareness and requirements.

[When is the best time to eat bird’s nest]_bird’s nest_how to eat_how to eat

[When is the best time to eat bird’s nest]_bird’s nest_how to eat_how to eat

Bird’s nest is a treasure with a very high nutritional content. It has high medicinal value, but there are certain ways to eat bird’s nest. In order to maximize the nutritional value, when is the best time to eat bird’s nest?

Let’s talk about it below.

Eating on an empty stomach is the most absorbing.

Each time is about 2 teaspoons, 10-15 grams after foaming (if the bird’s nest is of good quality, that is, 2-5 grams before foaming, it is enough, without eating a large bowl.

After eating for about six months, you can reduce the frequency and eat the next day.

But be regular, don’t eat for a while in the morning and switch to another time.

Dosage bird’s nest pays attention to eating small meals and maintaining regular meals. It is recommended that adults who consume dry bird’s nest consume 3-5 grams each time, children consume 2-3 grams each time, and concentrated bird’s nest eats 20-30 grams each time.

Cycle The best consumption cycle of bird’s nest is once in the morning and one in the evening. If the economic conditions permit, it can be taken once a day, at least once every three days, and the effect will be more obvious if it is consumed for three consecutive months.

The best time to eat bird’s nest is before bedtime, or before meals, and two hours after meals will be more suitable for human body absorption.

Children, women and seniors can eat between 5 and 7 in the morning to help with their homes.

Some people who have pain or cough in their lungs will eat better at one or two in the morning or half awake.

[Some women understand your candid words and are easy to accept]

[Some women understand your candid words and are easy to accept]

I remember an emotional expert said: There are no girls who can’t be met, only men who can’t be met.

Perhaps, guessing what he said: Now more than 90% of women have slept more than one man.

Xiao Chen is extremely lucky and unfortunately a member of the 10%.

Men do not fight unsure; nor do they easily issue invitations to guns-to women like Xiao Chen.

What kind of women do men actively take?

A naive woman is a mess, not a romance.

Romance requires mood, but there are not too many strings attached.

Naive, not every day.

Which woman is a fuel-efficient lamp now?

So-called innocence, compared with complexity and trouble.

Men aren’t stupid and don’t take problems for granted.

Innocent woman is easy to hook and easy to get rid of.

Don’t bear the burden, don’t stop.

The type of woman, fully meets the standard of artillery.


[Is fried watermelon delicious?]

[Is fried watermelon delicious?]

Watermelon is a kind of fruit that many people like to eat. This kind of fruit has the effects of reducing heat, quenching thirst, diuresis and other aspects.

Of course, in addition to being used directly to eat watermelon, there are many new ways to eat watermelon, such as fried watermelon, is one of them.

The flavor of fried watermelon is quite unique.

Now, let me introduce you how to eat fried watermelon!

First, the practice of frying watermelon 1.

Break the watermelon, peel and scoop, remove the seeds, cut into comb pieces, and roll in the flour.


Mix egg whites and starch with water to make a paste; add flour-soaked watermelon pieces into the paste and mix well.


Place the pot on a hot fire. Put more oil in the pot. When the oil is five-maturity, take a block of watermelon and fry until the skin is slightly hard. Then remove the pot from the fire and perform warm oil “squat frying.”When the skin is pale yellow, remove and place.

Sweet sugar can be sprinkled with white sugar and mixed. If you don’t like sweet, you can dip it in tomato sauce or sauce. It is delicious and refreshing, and it quenches thirst.

Second, the nutritional value of watermelon is called “the king of midsummer”. It refreshes and quenches thirst. It tastes sweet and juicy.Rich in vitamin C and other substances, it is a rich, high-nutrition, pure, safe food.

The sugar content of meat is generally 5-12%, including glucose, fructose and sucrose.

The sweetness increases with the increase of sucrose in late maturity.

Watermelon pulp: protein, glucose, sucrose, fructose, malic acid, citrulline, glutamic acid, arginine, calcium phosphate, lactam, propionic acid, glucose, betaine, adenine, sucrose, carotene, carrotVitamins, tomato hydrocarbons, hexahydrotomatocarbons, vitamins A, B, and C, substitute a variety of aldehydes.

Watermelon seeds: Contains manure oil, protein, vitamin B2, starch, pentanediol, propionic acid, urea, sucrose, etc.

Watermelon rind: Vitamin C is expected in watermelon rind.

Third, the selection method of watermelon There are three ways to choose high-quality ripe watermelon: one look, two touch, three knocks.

One look is to see the skin color of the watermelon.

The ripe melons are curved slightly there, and then the melons have roots and different colors. Choose dark melon patterns and bright green peels.

The surface is fluffy, the gloss is dull, and the spots and texture are unclear. It is an unripe melon.

The second touch is to choose smooth and mellow touch, don’t choose it.

Three taps is just a tap on the top. If there is obvious vibration on the hand, it means that the melon is vibrating and the watermelon is ripe.

When I ‘m knocking melon, I have a light feeling. When I ‘m knocking melon, I have a sound.

When you tap the melon with your finger, you hear the sound of “melon”; it is ripe melon; when you hear the sound of “Dangdang”, it is not ripe, and when you hear it, it is overripe melon.

[Children do n’t like vegetarian food, recipes teach you to do it]_kids_how to do

[Children do n’t like vegetarian food, recipes teach you to do it]_kids_how to do

Now is the spring season, it is easy to get angry, so parents are not willing to give their children more meat, but many children who are vegetarians do not like to eat, because many children often picky eat partial food, love meat, eat too much at one timeMeat can cause a small amount of accumulation, indigestion, and the body will gain weight. It is best to make some meat taste in the vegetarian food for children. This can not only satisfy the taste of eating meat, but also ensure that the baby will not be picky.

Garlic Pleurotus eryngii materials Pleurotus eryngii 3 garlic heads 1 finger pepper 1 marinade 1 serving Wash and cut Pleurotus eryngii into triangles, and cut the peppers into circles for later use.

Marinade (half a tablespoon of old, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of sugar, a small amount of raw flour), mix well with Pleurotus eryngii and marinate for about half an hour.

Heat the oil and burst the garlic and chili peppers until the garlic (cut into garlic) becomes discolored.

Add a small amount of salt to season and serve. The garlic oil is left in the pot.

Pleurotus eryngii is fried in garlic oil and cooked until it is ripe.

Pour the garlic and chili from step 1 and pour in the Pleurotus eryngii in step 2 and stir well.

Vegetarian okonomiyaki ingredients eggs 1 Pleurotus eryngii 1 low-gluten flour appropriate amount of salt 1 spoon (seasoning) soy sauce 1 spoon pepper powder 1 tsp sesame oil 1 spoon Korean cabbage amount vegetarian crab stick 3 water amount green seaweed salt 1 teaspoon pepper saltA small spoonful of sesame oil, mayonnaise, green moss, curry powder, and cut into pieces. Pleurotus eryngii is diced. Vegetarian crab sticks are diced. Use sesame oil to fry Pleurotus eryngii.Make it thick and thick. Add Korean Crab Stick Pleurotus eryngii with eggs and stir with a spoon from bottom to top. Add a little sesame oil and fry the batter. Use it for a round frying. Add seasoning!

Curry powder soy sauce (not too much) Mayonnaise green seaweed benefits one, can extend life.

According to nutritionist research, vegetarians live longer than non-vegetarians.

The murky people in northern Pakistan and the Indians in central Mexico are primitive vegetarian peoples with extremely high life expectancy.


Buddhist monks, Seventh-day Adventists, also enjoy longevity by eating.

Second, it can reduce weight.

Vegetarians are more meat-eating, and generally weigh less. This is because the animal waste collected can effectively reduce excess meat.

If the body is light, the burden is also reduced.

Third, it can reduce cholesterol content.

Vegetarians always have less cholesterol in their blood than meat eaters. If there is too much cholesterol in the blood, they often cause blood vessel division and become the main cause of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Fourth, reduce the chance of getting cancer.

Some studies have pointed out that meat consumption is closely related to colon cancer.

Practice has proven that compared with meat eaters, vegetarians are much less likely to develop cancer.

Fifth, reduce the damage of parasites to the human body.

Stripworms and several other parasites are parasited on the human body through infected meat.

Most vegetarians eat plant foods, which have far fewer parasites than meat foods.

Six, reduce the burden on the kidneys.

Wastes from various higher animals and humans are carried to the kidneys through the blood.

Meat eaten by meat eaters, once it contains animal blood and is brought into the kidney, it will increase the burden on the kidney.

Vegetarians avoid meat and gradually reduce the burden on the kidneys.

Seven, easy to store.

Vegetable proteins are usually easier to store than animal proteins.

Due to the difference in storage period, the invasion of moldy food into the human body can be reduced to improve people’s health.

[Astragalus ribs soup practice efficacy]_action_benefit

[Astragalus ribs soup practice efficacy]_action_benefit

As everyone knows, Astragalus is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, which has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing Qi. Many people usually use astragalus to mix different Chinese medicines, and often use astragalus to make soup. Astragalus can be used with many ingredients, such as black chicken,Astragalus ribs soup made from the combination of astragalus and ribs is not only nutritious and delicious, but also beneficial to human health. The following describes the effects of astragalus ribs soup.
Astragalus ribs decoction Yiqi Yangxue Tongluo is suitable for women with dry breasts caused by weak blood and qi.
Astragalus medicinal is sweet and warm; returning to the spleen and lung meridians, has the effects of invigorating the spleen and strengthening the spleen, raising the sun, strengthening the body, strengthening the surface, diuretic and swollen, and supporting the muscles of dysfunction, which can nourish qi and blood for qi deficiencyThe blood deficiency card can also be used for qi deficiency and blood stasis syndrome, and can also be used for qi deficiency and blood stasis syndrome to relieve thirst for qi deficiency and deficiency.
黄芪的功效有哪些 1、增强免疫功能黄芪能增强网状内皮系统的吞噬功能,使血白细胞及多核白细胞数量显着增加,使巨噬细胞吞噬百分率及吞噬指数显着上升,对体液免疫、细胞Immunity has a promoting effect.
After normal people take it, the plasma IgM and IgE increase significantly, and the effect of whole grass is good.
Astragalus can promote the formation of serum hemolysin, increase the hemolytic capacity of plaque-forming cells, and has a clear effect of clearing carbon particles and increasing the spleen weight.
2. Effect on interferon Astragalus has the ability to enhance the ability of the virus to induce interferon.
People who are at risk of taking cold astragalus during the cold season can not only reduce the number of colds significantly, but also make the symptoms of the cold less severe and the disease course shorter.
3. Promoting the body’s metabolism Astragalus can enhance the physiological metabolism of cells, which may be accomplished through the regulation of cAMP and cGMP in cells.
Astragalus can also promote the renewal of serum and liver proteins, which can promote protein metabolism, which may be another important aspect of astragalus’s righting effect.
4. Improving heart function Astragalus as the top grade in traditional Chinese medicine has certain good effects on the human body.
Especially for the normal heart, it has the effect of strengthening the contraction, and it is more obvious for the heart due to poisoning and fatigue.
In addition, astragalus can also increase the amplitude of cardiac contraction, strengthen the heartbeat contraction, improve the left ventricular function of patients with toxic myocarditis, and have a certain anti-arrhythmic effect.
5. Antihypertensive effect: Astragalus decoction, water extract, alcohol extract can be administered subcutaneously or intravenously to anesthetized animals (dogs, cats, rabbits), which can reduce blood pressure, and the effect is rapid, and the duration is short.
The hypotensive effect is the result of direct expansion of peripheral blood vessels.
Injecting astragalus injection into the visceral vessels such as coronary arteries, vertebral arteries, superior mesenteric arteries, cerebrovascular and intestinal blood vessels of experimental dogs can reduce the vascular resistance index, but the renal arterial resistance index is increased when injected into the renal arteries, suggesting thatThe effect of blood vessels is different from that of blood vessels in other parts.
6. Hepatoprotective effect Astragalus can prevent liver glycogen decrease and protect carbon tetrachloride hepatitis.
Astragalus also has a certain effect on the positive conversion of hepatitis B virus surface antigen to negative, compared with the control group, the difference is significant (P <0. 05). The clinical effective rate for treating chronic hepatitis is 92 for liver depression and spleen deficiency and liver and kidney yin deficiency. 1% and 88. 5%, better than the control group (P0. 05), indicating that the use of Astragalus membranaceus alone to treat chronic hepatitis is not ideal.

[What sauce is best for hot pot?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

[What sauce is best for hot pot?
】 _How to eat_How to eat

Hotpot is a very delicious food, and you can taste different flavors according to different ingredients.

It has never been very popular in that area, especially now that it has entered winter, eating hot pot can increase the body’s ability to resist cold.

Of course, the choice of ingredients is very important when eating hot pot, as is the dipping sauce.

So, what sauce do you use for hot pot?

Shacha sauce.

When eating beef hot pot at home, sand sauce is also the best choice. When enjoying delicious meat, I believe that sand sauce is the best match. Put a few onions and a few peppers in the sand sauce.The spicy feeling of serving beef or beef balls is simply delicious on earth.

If the bean sauce has fish and mutton bean sauce on the living table, it is the best sauce. It contains five kinds of sauces: mustard + peanut + parsley + soy sauce. It can remove the fishy smell.People who use this sauce do not need to fear the unpleasant smell.

1, hot pot dipping sauce, is the hot seasoning supplemented with hot ingredients when eating hot pot.

2, hot pot dipping sauce: (1) main ingredients: sesame sauce 350g, peanut butter 150g, leek flower 100g, soy sauce tofu 100g, shrimp oil (shrimp paste) 20g; (2) auxiliary materials: 15g oil consumption, chicken essence 20g, pepper oil20g, sesame oil 20g, parsley, shallots, purified water; (3) method steps: shrimp oil (shrimp paste), oil consumption, chicken essence, pepper oil, sesame oil with hot water, add sesame sauce (sesame sauce, peanut butter ratio 7: 3), Peanut butter, leek flower, tofu, pour in pure water, stir clockwise to replace (pure water stirs with pour, don’t pour too much at one time).

[Baby food supplement tomato noodles]_ tomato noodles _ children _ how to make

[Baby food supplement tomato noodles]_ tomato noodles _ children _ how to make

The complementary food for the baby is selected according to the age of the baby. This kind of tomato noodle can only be eaten by children about two years old, because the length of the noodles is relatively long, and the tomato is not suitable for children who have no teeth and cannot chew.It, so it is better to choose porridge and fruit puree when the baby does not have teeth.

For the method of tomato noodles, you can understand the content of the article and add it to your baby according to the time.

Baby food supplement noodle practice Spinach noodle practice: 1. Wash the spinach leaves and prepare the noodles.

ps: The noodles can be baby noodles bought in the supermarket, or they can be hand-rolled noodles. What’s up in your house?
The noodles prepared by the baby are rolled out by the baby’s grandma and made of flour and water.

2. Add spinach to boiling water for about 3 minutes and cook as much as possible.

After cooking, remove it and put it in a strainer, use food scissors to crush it, and then use the back of the spoon to crush into mud. The vegetable puree leaking through the strainer is scraped off with a spoon.

3. Put noodles in boiling water and cook.

The time varies until it is cooked.

4. Pour the grated vegetable puree into the pan and stir constantly with the noodles.

5, boil until the noodles are soft and rotten, and a little cold can be fed to the baby.

Tomato and Green Noodles: 1. Take a small bowl, make a little noodles, pour in a little warm water and mix the noodles. Do not use cold water, then the noodles will be hard and not easy to cook.

Use a rolling pin to roll the dough into noodles and cut into thin noodles.

2. Wash the greens and cut into chopped vegetables on the chopping board for later use.

3. Wash the tomatoes and cut into a few slices.

4, open the fire, wait for the water in the small pot to boil, pour in the right amount of noodles, green vegetables, tomato, cook together, you can eat when the noodles are very rotten.

5, put a little bit of salt, put a little sesame oil, you can put the baby’s meat floss.

Babies will prefer to eat.

[Eating a few eggs a day in the third trimester]_Pregnancy_A few times a day

[Eating a few eggs a day in the third trimester]_Pregnancy_A few times a day

In the third trimester, nutrition needs to be supplemented at this time, and the mothers will eat a larger amount, so at this stage of the third trimester, it is necessary to add more foods with higher nutritional value for conditioning, and eggs to eat in the third trimesterThe amount is best not to exceed too much, so as not to cause excessive nutrition, or these nutrients are difficult to consume in the body, it is best to eat a few eggs a day in the third trimester.

Can pregnant women eat eggs?

Eggs contain almost no essential nutrients, such as protein, trace amounts, yolks, lecithin, vitamins, and iron, calcium, and potassium.

Pregnant women eat eggs to have the following effects: 1, brain-building puzzle: eggs have a great effect on the nervous system and physical development, which contains choline can improve the memory of all age groups.

2. Protect the liver: The protein in eggs can repair liver tissue damage, and the lecithin in egg yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cells.

It can also increase the amount of human plasma protein and enhance the body’s metabolic and immune functions.

3. Preventing arteriosclerosis: American nutritionists and medical workers use eggs to prevent atherosclerosis, and have achieved surprising results. They extract lecithin from eggs, walnuts, and livers of pigs and give them to patients with cardiovascular disease every dayEat 4?
6 tablespoons.

After 3 months, the patient’s serum and plasma decreased significantly, and satisfactory results were obtained.

4. Preventing cancer: According to an analysis of human cancer deaths worldwide, it has been found that cancer mortality is inversely proportional to selenium intake.

And eggs are rich in selenium.

5, delay aging: one of the longevity experience of a large number of longevity elderly is to eat an egg every day.

6, beauty skin care: eggs also contain rich iron, iron elements in the body play a role in hematopoiesis and transport oxygen and nutrients in the blood.

The rosy beauty of human face is inseparable from the iron element.

Insufficient iron can cause iron deficiency anemia, make people’s face pale, and lose their luster.

This shows that eggs are indeed one of the important foods to maintain skin beauty.

Although the benefits of eating eggs for pregnant women are many, they should also be appropriate. If you eat too many eggs every day or basically rely on eggs to provide nutrition, it will not be good for the body, but will be harmful. Pregnant women should not eat more than three eggs a day.

Precautions: 1. Soy milk needs to be cooked thoroughly before drinking. Egg and soy milk can be eaten together; 2. Eggs cannot be cooked with MSG; 3. Do not eat sugar immediately after eating eggs; 4. Do not eat immediately after eating eggsGoose meat, rabbit meat; 5, drink raw eggs, add raw eggs to beer, boiled water to wash eggs, etc., these eating methods are not right, because the biotin in eggs is harmful to the human body, and these eating methods can not destroy biotin.

[Can you eat crabs after surgery]_Recommended diet

[Can you eat crabs after surgery]_Recommended diet

Nowadays, more and more friends in life are prone to various diseases. When the condition develops to a certain extent, they must be treated by surgery. Surgery causes expensive expenses for the family, and it also causes certain trauma to the limbsAfter finishing the surgery, your body is relatively weak. It is recommended that you eat more nutritious foods to help you achieve a nourishing effect.

Intervention patient friends try not to eat crabs. Crab is a kind of cold food, which is very easy to damage their spleen and stomach.

The body of the friend involved in the patient is very weak, and his vitality has not been fully restored. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone eat more food that is easy to digest and has higher nutritional value.

You can eat some edible fungi food properly, eat some mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and other foods can achieve a good effect of conditioning your physical fitness. Excessive consumption of seafood does not promote the body to quickly return to normal body conditions.

Friends of intervention patients should never consume too much spicy and irritating food, and never smoke or drink alcohol. Alcohol is also very detrimental to the recovery of the body.

It is suggested that you can drink more hot water. Hot water helps to promote metabolism in the body and is also very helpful for the recovery of the condition.

However, everyone eating crabs daily is still very beneficial.

Crab can help everyone achieve a good effect of clearing the meridians, nourishing and promoting blood circulation, and it is very helpful for solving many kinds of orthopedic diseases such as bruises and rheumatoid arthritis.

Gradually friends must pay attention to rest in daily life, and do not blindly perform some hip sports.

You can seek step-by-step guidance from some professional doctors to help everyone recover better, and avoid potential consequences for themselves.