[Can I drink brown sugar with my aunt]_Menstruation_Can you drink it?

[Can I drink brown sugar with my aunt]_Menstruation_Can you drink it?

When we came to our aunt, we had a lot of contraindications, and a lot of precautions, and some complications were about to occur, especially the situation of excessive blood loss. We should all know that drinking brown sugar water can replenish blood and qi, brown sugar waterThere are other effects, some people say that aunts can’t drink brown sugar water, and some people say that aunts can drink brown sugar water, so can aunts drink brown sugar?

Menstruation is the gradual regulation of ovarian hormones and the triggered replacement and bleeding of the endometrium.

So unless it can affect the ovarian hormone changes or endometrial cycle changes, it will not affect menstruation.

So under normal circumstances, ordinary brown sugar water is unlikely to affect the menstrual cycle.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is warm, sweet, and enters the spleen. It has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, slowing down pain, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.

The elderly’s intake of various trace elements and vitamins is gradually reduced. Usually, they should pay attention to supplement in the diet to maintain normal metabolic functions and delay aging.

Postpartum blood loss in pregnant women is high, physical and energy expenditure is large, in the postpartum 7?
If you drink some brown sugar water in 10 days, it can replenish energy and increase blood volume, which is conducive to the recovery of postpartum physical strength, and it also has a significant promotion effect on postpartum uterine contraction, recovery, lochia excretion, and milk secretion.

When female friends reach menstruation, the body’s resistance will decrease, and this time it is very easy to cause infection. The glucose contained in brown sugar releases energy very quickly. At this time, the absorption rate and utilization rate will be very high.And can quickly replenish physical strength, there is still a problem that often clogs friends, is it good to drink brown sugar water during menstruation?

In fact, you can drink brown sugar water during menstruation. Brown sugar water also has a good effect on the smooth menstruation of female friends, and can make your body quickly increase energy, can activate qi and blood, and speed up blood circulation. Therefore, for womenFriends, drinking brown sugar water during menstruation is still very good.

Brown sugar water is also helpful for women’s smooth menstruation. It can warm the body, increase energy, activate qi and blood, speed up blood circulation, and discharge a lot of menstruation.

If you feel poor and have a bad complexion after menstruation, you can drink a cup of brown sugar water with a concentration of about 20% before lunch every day.

If the discomfort is severe, you can add another drink before dinner, which can be effectively improved for one week.

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